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How to reduce proteinuria in patients with chronic glomerulo

2017-05-06 09:56

There have been patients with chronic glomerulonephritis patients should be how to reduce the problem of urine protein, said his urine protein is very serious. Experts point out that urinary protein is a more serious clinical manifestation of chronic glomerulonephritis. Caused by glomerular failure, glomerular sclerosis, in addition to the blood pressure of the glomerulus, but also related to the protein in the glomerulus, the more protein, the faster the glomerular sclerosis, the faster the process of renal failure.

So, what is the method of reducing proteinuria of chronic glomerulonephritis? Niu pointed out that the director can choose to reduce the pressure, but also can reduce the protein drugs. Reduce urinary protein, the most important is the treatment of immune inflammation, immune inflammatory treatment is good, urine protein will naturally reduce. Why? Because the protein is leaked out, when we treat the glomerular inflammation, then the vulnerability can be repaired, and urine protein naturally down.

In fact, for chronic glomerulonephritis, the most fundamental is the cure, and chronic glomerulonephritis as one-time cure thoroughly due to recurrent, extremely easy to cause uremia, it will be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. So what is the treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis? Ji'nan nephropathy hospital to recommend to you is the HTR blood oxygen and live kidney therapy". The treatment is a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine characteristics of the treatment program. Inherit and carry forward the essence of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, the introduction of Germany's cutting-edge HT-O light oxygen living kidney system and live kidney technology, to achieve the early detection and treatment of kidney disease, has found a therapeutic target. Kidney disease is fundamentally due to kidney damage, kidney function is reduced or lost. "HTR blood oxygen oxygen living kidney therapy" is to repair the damaged kidney complex, and ultimately achieve the purpose of restoring renal function, thereby curing disease. It is a safe, stable, timely and effective treatment plan.

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