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The three main causes of induced IgA

2017-05-06 18:04

IgA is a kind of immunoglobulin, belonging to an antibody. The abnormal circumstances in the kidney by various factors such as inflammation stimulation, resulting in excessive deposition of IgA sites in renal glomerular mesangial area, with the formation of immune complexes with antigen, cause kidney pathological damage of structure, a series of clinical symptoms caused by IgA nephropathy, called. The clinical manifestations of recurrent hematuria or microscopic hematuria, may be accompanied by varying degrees of proteinuria, some patients can have severe hypertension or renal insufficiency. There are many causes of IgA nephritis, the following three main reasons.

1 infection: This is one of the main causes of the disease, the infection is infected with viruses and bacteria. The most common is the upper respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infections, skin infections, in daily life, we should avoid the occurrence of infection, so as not to cause IgA nephropathy.

2 immune disorders: there are many causes of the disease, immune disorders is one of the most common causes. Detection of rheumatoid factor at the pathogenic part in the sera of patients with non mucosal source of immunoglobulin, also found that the IgA type specific T helper cells increased in patients with peripheral blood lymphocytes, indicating that there is related to the occurrence of immune abnormalities in IgA nephropathy.

3 genetics: in addition to the above two reasons, there is often a reason to ignore the genetic. This is according to the research conclusions, the disease has a high incidence, and occurs in some consanguineous family history of disease in the high rate of genetic studies confirmed the occurrence of the disease have a certain relationship with human genetic.

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