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How to avoid three misunderstandings in renal failure

2017-05-10 11:35

Patients with renal failure after the occurrence of fatigue, fatigue, lack of concentration and other symptoms, anemia, nocturia, increased serum creatinine, urea nitrogen increased significantly, this time there will be acidosis. Therefore, we should actively carry out treatment, how to treat so that most patients do not touch the clue.

The prevalence rate is high, and the awareness rate is low. According to statistics, the prevalence of kidney disease in the world is as high as 11%, the awareness rate is only about 1%. However, the prevalence rate was 8% ~ 11%, and the awareness rate was lower. In fact, kidney disease can be detected by conventional methods such as simple, urine routine, blood creatinine, blood urea and found, can also be through other examinations, such as urinary albumin, glomerular filtration rate can be found early kidney disease.

Because early detection and prevention is an effective method to prevent and cure chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is mainly caused by chronic glomerulonephritis in China, while in western developed countries, it is mainly caused by diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive renal damage

The incidence of cardiovascular disease is high, and the cognitive rate is low. Chronic kidney disease and renal hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have mutual relations, is an important cause of chronic kidney disease and high mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of high incidence, and caused a huge burden on health insurance, risk factors of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is also clear.

More than 10% of patients develop end-stage renal disease without early diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, we must do our best to reduce the incidence of end-stage renal disease, or at least slow down the progression of kidney disease.

High mortality. Patients with low or low incidence of dialysis or renal transplantation. Early detection and intervention can save the damaged kidneys. The mortality rate of uremic patients is 10 times more than the normal population mortality, the main cause of death is associated with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, severe infection, acute dialysis complications, due to low awareness rate to control rate is low, more than half of the patients did not reach treatment goals.

How to deal with acute renal failure in time, as well as the removal of some reversible, leading to kidney damage, but also can significantly reduce the incidence and mortality of related diseases, experts online for your correct guidance.

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