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Nephropathy is a silent killer, the viscera implicated kidne

2017-05-11 18:34

In fact, the treatment of kidney disease has always been the focus of attention of patients and doctors, because now the medical sector continues to develop, more and more ways to treat kidney disease, the cure rate is relatively high. But there are still a lot of people for the understanding of this disease is not deep enough, today to give you specific what harm of nephropathy, and the viscera affected kidney is not good.


Many people find the time in early nephropathy, renal microvascular inside will be damaged, which are more important blood seeped into the urine protein, urine protein will exceed the standard, which is proteinuria, in the initial segment, is a micro albuminuria, because only a small amount of urine protein. The standard is that the urine contains less than 30 micrograms of albumin, if more than 30 micrograms, indicating that the kidneys have been damaged. A lot of people with kidney disease, microvascular injury of kidney and the bigger the loss of protein is more and more easily, if the daily loss of protein reached one thousand mg, there will be ankle swelling, is liquid aggregation results.

Many people are with the filtering function of the kidney gradually decline, metabolic waste will slowly in the blood coagulation, by detecting serum creatinine, it can measure the degree of aggregation of metabolic waste, with the increase of creatinine content. The content of other metabolic waste is also increasing, will feel nausea, fatigue. After the loss of renal function, metabolic wastes will be piled up to the hips, also there will be serious damage to the kidney, resulting in the formation of red blood cells in kidney of manufacturing there is no way of effective element, and bone marrow need this material to create oxygen carrying red blood cells, this time it is prone to anemia, also is the body cells to hypoxia.

The above content is on the problems related to renal disease, these are all the more common, in fact, everyone in life should pay more attention to your kidneys, if the kidney problems, it can directly affect the normal life, should also be timely to treatment in renal disease, do not miss the best treatment time.

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