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Eat more mushrooms, will cause kidney necrosis

2017-05-11 19:21

We can often see a lot of dishes above there are some mushrooms, mushroom taste delicious, is to cook porridge good flavor ingredients in the market variety is many, we are certainly very love to eat mushrooms, but some nutritional value of mushroom. We can eat, but we have to eat less for mushrooms. Because studies have shown that eating mushrooms can cause kidney necrosis.

For mushrooms containing heavy metals this argument, edible fungus experts and kidney physicians believe that this argument has some truth, but we also do not worry too much, and give up the edible mushrooms. Recently, a number of mushrooms have been found to test lead exceeded the standard and the detection of cadmium and so on. This does not mean that eating mushrooms is not safe, we should not eat mushrooms.

The mushroom is very strong to our human body harmful heavy metal collection ability, very easy to absorb the heavy metal. Eat mushrooms, for a long time will result in the accumulation of these heavy metals in the renal tubule, and even cause renal tubular necrosis.

Found that the lead exceeded the standard test and detection of cadmium exceeded the phenomenon of most of the reasons is because people have done in the soil, in fact, as long as the coverage of heavy metals in the soil is not exceeded, the mushroom will not be a large number of heavy metal enrichment. And then in the cultivation of spices, heavy metals can not meet the standards so that mushrooms do not contain a large number of heavy metals. It is precisely because of the heavy metal is harmful to the human body, so people will worry about heavy metals in mushrooms and affect our health. In fact, eating into heavy metals is inevitable, but a lot of food will affect our health, so we can eat mushrooms can be.

In order to everyone's health, we should eat mushrooms better, a large number of food will only increase the content of heavy metals in our body. What's more, the price of mushroom is high, and we can eat some money for our life. For wild mushrooms in the wild, we don't mess around.


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