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Is it better for patients with IgA nephropathy than for memb

2017-05-11 19:34

In the aspect of many kidney diseases, including chronic glomerulonephritis is a kind of disease, the most common in Asia, most of the patients with chronic glomerulonephritis are basically IgA nephropathy, and this disease is common in male patients than female patients, age basically is between twenty to 35 years old, only a small part of the patients over forty years old, the etiology of this disease, the medicine has no clear diagnosis, but IgA nephropathy can be prevented, and as long as the timely treatment, still can control the disease.

Membranous nephropathy, is a type of nephritis, the disease with IgA nephropathy still has some differences, membranous nephropathy is easy to repeated attacks, but also in the treatment of IgA nephropathy is more complicated, but membranous nephropathy is relatively easy to find, when the initial IgA nephropathy patients is difficult to feel unwell the situation, but IgA nephropathy is not treated in time, as time push long, patients may develop kidney failure, chronic kidney disease in general time is very long, so patients to prevent chronic disease, should go to the hospital to check regularly.

Treatment of IgA nephropathy patients, the TCM therapy can mainly be balanced adjustment with the viscera, and the patient's immune function, using TCM therapy is inherent in patients with impaired cell repair, the condition is serious, can be used to assist the symptomatic treatment of Western medicine, on the one hand, a temporary solution, the treatment of kidney disease the effect and the treatment time is according to different patients constitution of different lengths, with your heart and after treatment, is also a very important aspect of defense.

Patients want to prevent kidney disease, so in daily life to avoid excessive fatigue, must be appropriate to rest, can not drink tea, coffee and drink a little, and the patient's diet to avoid salt, patients can eat more vegetable protein content of the food, but to reduce fat the intake, so as not to aggravate the burden of kidney patients, some patients to rest early night, but also cold drinks and beverage drink.

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