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Got kidney disease, what are the facial changes?

2017-05-13 08:56

The kidney is an important organ of the human body, once the abnormal and normal life of patients can not be carried out smoothly, serious will cause patients unable to survive, so to the kidney, please pay more attention to the nursing work in life, to better protect the kidney health. In addition, we should pay more attention to understanding some abnormal facial changes, so as to promote early detection of kidney disease.

After the occurrence of renal lesions, the main features of facial abnormalities are the following:

Eyelid swelling

When people have kidney problems, they usually have swelling of the eyelids after the morning session. With the severity of kidney damage, the patient is accompanied by symptoms of pallor, swelling and skin tension, and unusually dry skin.

Abnormal facial expression

Normal human face is rosy, but for the existence of kidney diseases, such as chronic nephritis patients with common, easily appear pale, for patients with severe kidney disease, will be accompanied by a black face.

Black rim of eye

Normal people will have excessive eye or poor sleep, dark circles appear, but generally will be fully rested and disappeared. And for the presence of a serious kidney disease in the crowd, no special circumstances, the president of the time there is a relatively heavy black eye situation.

Redness of the ear

The color of the ears of normal people is yellowish and ruddy, almost no difference from facial skin. And when the human kidneys appear lesions, the ear color is deepened, and generally will appear red or purple.

When people in the life of the kidneys after lesions, the face is prone to more than abnormal symptoms appear. At this point, we need to pay more attention to attention. In addition, people in kidney disease, also easily accompanied by frequent urination, urinary endless and other abnormal situations, as long as we pay more attention to early detection of disease, early response to treatment, so that we get a better treatment effect in a short period of time.

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