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Why get urethritis?

2017-02-02 13:41

1, urethral injury: urethral instrument inspection caused by urethral mucosa abrasions, can destroy the urethral mucosa defense function, leading to bacterial infection.
2, urethral foreign body: from the outside of the foreign body or the urethra, such as stone, pause for a long time can lead to urinary tract infection.
3, urethral obstruction: foreskin stenosis, urethral stricture, urethral stricture, posterior urethral valve, urinary tract tumor, because of urination, urine stored in secondary urinary tract infections in the urethra.
4, adjacent organ inflammation: such as prostatitis, seminal vesicle inflammation, vaginitis and other can spread to the urethra, this often for chronic urethritis after stubborn lesions.
5, often associated with sexual life, feculent sexual life is easy to cause urethral infection.

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