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How to diagnose polycystic kidney disease?

2017-06-03 11:20

Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic kidney disease and it is difficult for the patient to realize that he has polycystic kidney disease when the patient is in the early stage of polycystic kidney because when the cysts are small they will not cause any unpleasant feeling to the patient, So Way, how can Diseases of the kidneys Polycystosis be diagnosed?

In fact, some methods that can be used in the diagnosis of polycystic kidney patient.

Checking the patient's family history

Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease of the kidneys, and most patients get this disease from their parents. To find out if someone has polycystic kidney disease, you need to check his family history, first. And if there are members taking polycystic kidney in the family, you need to calculate the ratio for it to get this disease.

Test of Gene

A patient with polycystic kidney disease will have a gene mutation, and therefore polycystic kidney can pass from generation to generation. Thus, for the diagnosis of whether someone has polycystic kidney disease, the test gene is also an effective method. And if someone has kidney disease Polycystosis, his test of the gene will present a positive.

Image test

Image testing is an effective way to make sure that people have polycystic kidney disease, and the patient's kidney condition can be accurately reflected in the image using some image tests, like ultrasound waves, CT scans, etc.

Physical Examination

A patient with polycystic kidney can feel his enlarged kidney on one side or on both sides when the cysts grow to a certain size and the patient will feel painful if his polycystic kidney progresses in stage 3, which is a mild stage.

Auxiliary expertise

The patient can take a lot of assistant exams to eat if he has polycystic kidney disease, like a urine test, a blood test, etc. In these tests, if the people have polycystic kidney disease, some indicators will have an abnormal value. And if people already have stage 3 polycystic kidney disease, these abnormal values ??will be more obvious.

These are some methods that are often used to diagnose polycystic kidney disease, while if you have any other problems in the relationship from this perspective, you can write to us or just leave us a message about your problem and we are happy to help you.

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