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Pediatric kidney; comprehensive prevention; low calcium

2017-06-11 11:02

For the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome in children, clinical glucocorticoid is the first choice of drug treatment, including hormone preparations with prednisone as common, but because of the big dosage, efficacy, side effects and complications occur easily. So the children with nephrotic syndrome in patients with hormone drugs before, parents need to repeatedly made it clear that the importance of hormone therapy for this disease, and drug efficacy, adverse reactions, after stopping drug adverse reaction will gradually disappear, no sudden withdrawal or reduction, strengthen drug treatment with drug guide.

(1) long-term use of hormone can lead to hypocalcemia and osteoporosis, so we should add sufficient calcium salt and vitamin D, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent the occurrence of fracture.

(2) after medicine supervise children with warm boiling water gargle, to prevent the occurrence of oral ulcers.

(3) the hormone can increase the red blood cell and hemoglobin content in blood, increase the concentration of platelet and fibrinogen, shorten the clotting time, and encourage the children to strengthen their limbs and promote the circulation of blood.

(4) hormone can affect mood, behavior, and can improve the excitability of central nervous system, appear excited, even mental disorder. This group of 2 cases of children under 7 years of age, symptoms are prominent, we should explain to the parents, so that they cooperate with us to do the work of children's guidance, to prevent accidents among children.

With more water to encourage the application of immunosuppressive agents, adequate hydration, and observe the urine volume and urine color, when symptoms of gastrointestinal reaction and alopecia, to eliminate the patient explanation, children and parents fear that children in a best treatment.

Discharge guidance to guide children with nephrotic syndrome after discharge, adhere to long-term and correct drug treatment, do not stop the drug suddenly, so as to avoid crisis. Pay attention to keep the mouth, skin clean, timely treatment folliculitis, have upper respiratory tract infection should be promptly diagnosed and treated. Remission of illness, about 3~6 months later, gradually participate in school learning, but should avoid too tired. After 6~12 months of withdrawal, the patients were regularly examined at the hospital and the urine protein and plasma protein were measured regularly.

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