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The peasant woman's kidney is covered with sand like stones weighing more than 100 grams

2017-06-15 10:53

"Unexpectedly, I thought it was only lumbago. I didn't expect to have so many stones." Looking at a lot of stones out of her body, Aunt Liu from Hunan has a lingering fear.

Aunt Liu 50 year to Guangzhou, is Hunan Shaoyang people, decades of sunrise and sunset falls, although life is not very rich but also as a pleasurable occupation. One day five years ago, when she was doing farm work, she suddenly had an uncomfortable waist and a little pain. Aunt Liu thought it was overworked, and put it down.

Until the end of February 2011 a day, she felt faint, severe abdominal cramps, lying in bed unable to move, she didn't know that your body is really a problem, so she came to the Department of Urology, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University.

This article guides the expert: Liu Cundong

How many can operation have male division "minimally invasive"?"

After examination, professor and director of the Department of Urology the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, Liu Cundong is responsible for the treatment that Aunt Liu's kidney was almost covered with large and small stones, not only that, in addition to visible stones, there are a lot of sand like stones is not removed, these stones piled up in the kidney, has seriously endangered the life of aunt liu.

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