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Pathogenesis and prognosis of renal syndrome

2017-01-24 17:28

Look at the liquid filled with a transparent skin, and the kidney for the patient to worry about the heart will be brought up. What causes and prognosis of kidney synthesis is how? Attack is the immune mechanism in renal self doubt or because of external invasion in patients with renal infection? What will be fully in the prognosis of conditioning?
All of these questions will be the site of the authority of the kidney nephropathy expert He Ruiqi director to explain to everyone, please concentrate on to see.
1 in the pathogenesis of the kidney, the primary current is not clear, but it will show that the immune mechanism changes, many of the effects of changes in the cell. The most obvious manifestation is the changes of lipids, coagulation factors and proteins in the blood. Secondary nephropathy is associated with hepatitis B associated with lupus nephritis and diabetic nephropathy. There are many reasons for the cause, such as: cold infection of streptococcus; pollen, anti toxins, such as food and drug allergies and poisoning, poisoning, internal organs such as lung, breast and other tumors showed.
2 in terms of the prognosis of the kidney, the difference between each person is very large, due to the pathogenesis of the type, symptoms are not the same. If it is mild in the glomerular lesions, or patients with early nephropathy in various treatments are particularly easy, can speed up the body slightly medication spontaneous cure, but if no cure completely is just the control is very easy to meet external rebound. There is the occurrence of lupus nephritis in the mesangial area is not very easy to treat, very quickly into the uremia period.
Patients with renal syndrome will show a different degree of proteinuria PRO, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, glomerular sclerosis will accelerate. He Ruiqi, director of the Academy of national kidney hospital website survey nephropathy I attached to the said repeatedly infection will threaten the recovery prognosis of Shenzong, hope these can lead to everyone's attention.

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