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Overwork may cause acute nephritis

2017-09-26 16:57

About 70% of patients with nephritis related to long-term overwork. This is because people in the state of fatigue, tension, work spirit, easy to cause the body resistance drops, bacterial, virus infection, cause acute glomerulonephritis, dizziness, eyelid or edema of lower limbs, waist back pain, urinary symptoms such as increased foam. Unfortunately, the performance is not easy to arouse people's attention, a lot of people think the recent burnout, as long as the proper rest will be eased, until the emergence of severe edema, hematuria, hypertension and other symptoms to rush medical treatment.

Overwork may cause acute nephritis

It is important to note that most of acute nephritis in cough, sore throat or one to two weeks after infection of the upper respiratory tract Neicai disease, and patients with different initial symptoms of varying severity, often easy to ignore. Coupled with the incidence of occult nephritis, especially early without typical symptoms, the majority only showed fatigue of the body, many patients often mistakenly believe that the work is too tired due to physical discomfort, and ignored the physical examination, until the symptoms, it's too late.

Experts advise: people prone to fatigue should pay attention to reasonable arrangements for life, work and rest, beware of acute nephritis raid. If there is a cold and other diseases, we must pay attention to, timely rest, timely treatment. In addition, we should strengthen nutrition, exercise properly, strengthen body resistance, maintain good habits and customs, and conduct regular physical examinations on the body.

When appear lumbago and bubbleand urine increased and is not easy to fade, hematuria, nocturia increased, urine volume, urinary albumin excretion, reduce the eyelid or edema of lower limbs, dizziness may indicate kidney function abnormalities, should promptly take measures timely to normal hospital, lest delay condition.

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