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There are 7 cases of kidney disease prognosis, do you have?

2017-11-10 18:21

"The body feels obviously uncomfortable, why become kidney disease?" Many people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease have had such doubts, but also worried that the disease will turn to renal failure. We can tell you a lot of people with good prognosis of kidney disease, of course, it also involves all aspects of things, the following describes the 7 cases of  kidney disease prognosis.

There are 7 cases of  kidney disease prognosis, do you have?

Early detection of creatinine problems. One of the important indicators to determine the renal function of the kidney friend is the level of serum creatinine, if found nephropathy, creatinine is normal or slightly higher, but also continued stability, so that patients will be cured a lot of probability.

Effective control of blood pressure. The blood pressure has been regarded as an important indicator of predicting the progression of nephropathy, which can response and direct the severity of kidney disease, kidney disease, increase the risk of uremia, and stable blood pressure levels and the prognosis of the disease better.

Periodic recheck. Chronic kidney disease belongs to the unstable condition and Difficult miscellaneous diseases, easy to relapse, so, no matter what the situation is in patients with kidney disease disease, must pay attention to regular review. The cycle depends on the individual's actual situation, which must be emphasized in the prognosis.

Balanced diet, pay attention to exercise. A balanced diet for kidney patients can eat more fruits and vegetables, eat soy products, milk, eggs, eat less salt, food limited. Attention to balanced diet, maintain good nutritional status, is very important for prognosis.

At the same time, kidney friends also have to pay attention to the legs, you can choose to walk, walk, Tai Chi, yoga, dance, jogging, swimming and other beneficial physical and mental health sports activities. But for a large number of proteinuria, high edema, gross hematuria, acute kidney injury and other temporarily unfit for exercise, after the condition is stable, then physical exercise.

Good glycemic control. Generally more than 10 years of diabetes patients will appear kidney injury, and in China, sugar kidney patients is already the first group of dialysis population, so maintain relatively stable blood sugar level is very important!

Be careful with tonics, folk remedies, etc.. Kidney is the most vulnerable organ of the human body, but it bears a lot of burden on human metabolism, if you often mess, do not say that patients with kidney disease, even normal people will not stand.

Stay optimistic. To have a good state of mind, to understand how to control and adjust their bad emotions, so as to better cooperate with the doctor's treatment, the prognosis will be better.


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