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Abnormal urine is nephritis?

2017-11-14 17:23

There are patients urinate uncomfortable doing routine urine results were abnormal, or examination the urine is abnormal, very worried that she had nephritis in the outpatient clinic, so abnormal urine is nephritis?

Abnormal urine is nephritis?

Routine urine abnormal in clinical common disease of two categories, one is the urinary tract infection, mainly by bacteria in the urethra or blood into the body, into the urethra, bladder, ureter, renal pelvis, bacteria caused by local invasion and stay in reproductive infection and inflammation; mainly for frequent micturition, urgency, dysuria and fever low back pain, etc.. The other is nephritis, divided into acute nephritis and chronic nephritis, is caused by other causes of renal parenchyma inflammation; performance varies from person to person, the light can be asymptomatic. Typical nephritis patients have the following manifestations:

The urine routine indicated proteinuria, and obvious foam urine. Common urine hematuria, even hematuria, urinary sediment in addition to red blood cells, white blood cells and early visible epithelial cells, and granular and erythrocytic casts etc..

Edema is characterized by edema of the eyelids and edema of the lower extremities, and a few of them can affect the whole body.

Most of the patients had transient mild and moderate hypertension, often related to sodium retention, and blood pressure gradually returned to normal after diuresis. A few patients can develop severe hypertension and even hypertensive encephalopathy.

The onset may be due to the decline of glomerular filtration rate and the retention of sodium and urine, and a small number of patients even oliguria (<400ml/d). Renal function of some patients can be damaged in a transient manner, which is characterized by mild hypoxemia, and some patients can not recover.

Immunological abnormalities can vary according to different causes, such as low complement, high titer, 0 titer, etc..

The abnormal phenomenon on urine tips, after treatment in general can eliminate the patients of urinary tract infection, some patients can no longer appear after the elimination of nephritis, partially eliminated after repeated, difficult to eliminate part or even worse.

So abnormal urine routine should be paid attention to, but not all are nephritis, do not have too much tension, timely medical treatment to solve the problem.


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