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Does the flu cause serious disease in patients with kidney d

2018-01-14 14:14

After renal damage in patients with kidney disease, the metabolism and detoxification function decreased, resulting in the accumulation of large amounts of toxins in the body and the damage to the immune system. Immunity and resistance will be reduced. Therefore. Patients with kidney disease are more susceptible to disease than normal people.

Does the flu cause serious disease in patients with kidney disease?

Cold itself will not directly lead to nephropathy, but will induce human immune system disorder, causing virus infection caused a large accumulation of toxins such as immune complex in the body, increasing the excretion burden of the kidney. This exacerbates the condition of patients with nephropathy. Usually, patients with nephropathy are told not to catch a cold, that is the truth.

In addition, people with post-cold kidney disease need to take cold drugs, some of which are nephrotoxic, most of which are excreted through the kidneys and can exacerbate kidney damage.

What kind of cold medicine is better for nephrotic patients if they accidentally catch a cold? Commonly used western medicine cold medicine is divided into three categories:

The first category: pseudoephedrine, phenylalanolamine and so on can relieve nasal congestion, but accompanied by high blood pressure, diabetes and pregnant nephropathy is not allowed to take, will lead to increased blood pressure, blood sugar. To these three kinds of kidney disease patient ill condition unfavorable, should use cautiously.

The second category: contain chlorpheniramine can relieve runny nose, tears, sneeze and other symptoms, but has caused drowsiness, sleepy side effects, do not take some dangerous actions after taking medicine, in addition to causing difficulty in urination. For patients with impaired renal function, it is best not to take such cold medicine.

The third category: antipyretic and analgesic drugs, such as aspirin and acetaminophen, which can relieve pain and fever, but are inherently nephrotoxic and irritate the gastric mucosa. Because of nephropathy patients must consult a doctor before use, and strictly comply with the doctor's orders to take medicine.

Need prevent colds, nephrotic patients must pay attention to weather changes, winter flu should pay attention to warm, health and protection, eat more light hot food, cold also do not worry, must go to the hospital in time. Strictly follow the doctor's orders to take medicine to avoid exacerbation.

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