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What about the white blood cells in the urine?

2017-01-26 07:44

What is the cause of the phenomenon, have white blood cells in the urine? These questions have been plagued by many friends, then we will ask a kidney specialist as we explain, in the urine of leukocytes is how one thing, I hope you can help.
My site attached to the hospital with kidney disease experts pointed out that the aseptic inflammation also showed apparent pyuria. Urine samples were contaminated or urine samples were not fresh, but also to show pyuria. Therefore, only by pyuria in diagnosis of urinary tract infection is not reliable. However, many in the clinic, and even a part of the doctor as soon as possible to see the white blood cells in urine is said to be suffering from urinary tract infection, which should cause attention.
1, in the training results no acute urinary tract infection, pyuria and reliable to make a preliminary diagnosis;
2 patients, such as frequent urination, urgency, urinary bladder is in the retention time is short, the qualitative urine bacterial culture was negative, this can be helpful to the diagnosis of pyuria;
3, urinary tract infection in drug treatment, even if the bacterial culture has been negative, pyuria could still present a few days, the strong positive pyuria revealed the existence of urinary tract infection;
4, in the urine, such as showing the white blood cell tube type, contribute to the diagnosis of lupus nephritis.
There are white blood cells in the urine to explain how a matter? The above is my site attached to the hospital kidney kidney specialist for this question is, if you have questions, online expert consultation in our hospital nephropathy.

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