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What is the cause of minimal change nephropathy

2017-01-12 16:24
The pathogenesis of minimal change nephropathy is unknown, which is characterized by the loss of the negative charge of glomerular capillary wall. This disease can occur in renal transplantation, therefore, support the humoral factor may have a negative charge loss of glomerular circulation in blood view. The latter impaired the glomerular electrical barrier, resulting in selective proteinuria. In addition, in minimal change disease complicated with Hodgkin's disease, effective on steroids and alkylating agents, excision of lymph node involvement after kidney disease can quickly relieve, some patients with viral infections such as measles, disease remission, which suggest that T lymphocyte dysfunction, by some lymphokines produce, the glomerular capillary wall the permeability increased. But the substance has not yet been clearly confirmed.

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