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What causes IgA nephropathy

2017-01-24 17:09

Surely we all know IgA nephropathy, it is a kind of kidney disease, the harm to the body and great influence, but also high side effects on the human body, it is a purpose, you may not know, IgA nephropathy and various reasons are related, is a driven by a hair the exhibition. So, what causes IgA nephropathy caused by
? For this question, the following also gives a detailed analysis of the explanation, we are affiliated to the hospital under the kidney disease expert is explained.
IgA nephropathy caused by what causes? Kidney experts explain the reasons for IgA nephropathy as follows:
1, infection: cold, tonsillitis, fever and other shows naked eye or occult blood. Recurrent infection, IgA nephropathy showed most of the patients showed abnormal body in the occult blood.
2, genetic: IgA nephropathy patients to investigate the incidence of patients, some patients with IgA nephropathy will occur family cohesion phenomenon, which shows that IgA nephropathy to some extent with a genetic predisposition.
3, the main immune complexes in patients with abnormal precipitation in IgA disease: IgA nephropathy in patients with glomerular mesangial area precipitated a lot of immune complex material, with two of the patients after the renal cells change phenotype and cause disease.
Inflammation of kidney mesangial cells, 4 patients with IgA nephropathy in IgA nephropathy: inflammatory reaction, first onset, renal glomerular mesangial cells were stimulated inflammation damage caused inflammation, thus resulting in a large number of immune complexes deposited in human kidney disease, the ultimate cause of disease.
I used the "permeation characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six immune therapy" is based on the dialectical theory of governance "," a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, to heal and heal the whole combination of rules, through accurate detection means of modern medicine to determine the pathogenesis, cause the scientific classification of nephropathy,
Classification and staging. According to the etiology and classification of classification results, follow the principle of "tonifying the kidney, kidney, kidney, kidney complex" treatment philosophy, scientific dialectics, the "Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immunotherapy" recover from damaged kidney cells, so that the function of restoration and reconstruction, and to correct the immune, humoral and in
The state of imbalance and imbalance in the body, so that the body's internal environment and immune function fully restored, activation of kidney function, to cure the curative effect of kidney disease.
IgA nephropathy caused by what causes? For the people in the heart is very long finally found the answer to the question, the infection can cause IgA nephropathy, also have a certain relationship with the genetic, for this question please attention, no way careless, if found some of the early manifestations of IgA nephropathy, should be immediately to
The hospital carries on the inspection and takes the corresponding treatment measure, does not have the method to drag, our US website belongs to the kidney disease hospital is your good choice.

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