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What are the causes of IGA nephropathy

2017-01-24 17:02

Everything has a cause! Of course, for IGA nephropathy, so too! The disease is one of the kidney, however, many patients with the disease, are not clear about the cause of the disease, so that suffering from the disease do not understand, this is what we do not want to see the phenomenon! As a result, only know the cause of the disease in order to seize the time to stop the growth of the disease, then, IGA nephropathy induced by what? Here I am affiliated with the kidney disease experts to explain the kidney hospital.
What are the causes of IGA nephropathy?:
1, congenital renal tubular dysfunction. The pathogenesis of IGA nephropathy is the most typical of arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple myeloma, gout, if cure is not very time may cause the disease of IGA nephropathy.
2, urinary system disorders, such as urinary excretion disorders. If the urine in the body long time accumulation, easy to produce toxins, these toxins will return the kidney along the urethra, causing great harm to kidney function, causing all kinds of kidney diseases, including IGA nephropathy.
3, upper respiratory tract infection. Our hospital experts explain nephropathy, incurable ailment can cause severe disease. Usually some people don't take the cold seriously, even don't treat it as a disease, think boil it in the past. As everyone knows, the cold will cause the onset of IGA nephropathy, winter cold is the most common cause of IGA nephropathy.
4, other lupus nephritis and other inflammation. Inflammation can cause the body's immune system shows the imbalance, and make a lot of accumulation of immune complexes in the kidney, immune complexes, a large number of stock will increase the burden on the kidneys, for a long time, the kidney is prone to inflammation, and then developed into IGA nephropathy.
So patients with lupus nephritis must pay attention to, if the performance persists, and there are a variety of obvious discomfort, we must go to the hospital as soon as possible.
These are the causes of IGA nephropathy, so these reasons are very rare, and for the sake of their health, please remember these, and make the prevention work for causes of the disease onset! Our hospital experts show that: only to do a good job of prevention of the disease, in order to stay away from the disease, and has been suffering from the disease of patients, should seize the time to the hospital for treatment. Finally, I wish you an early treatment!

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