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The etiology of chronic glomerulonephritis and chronic glome

2017-01-24 13:37

The etiology of chronic glomerulonephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis
Chronic glomerulonephritis is referred to as chronic nephritis, which is a very common disease. Patients with chronic glomerulonephritis have a great danger to the body of the patient, so people should pay special attention to the occurrence of the disease, to get a lot of knowledge about the disease.
Chronic glomerulonephritis is a very complex disease, there are many reasons that cause the disease, is usually considered the interaction of many factors, including the immune system disease, bad life habits and drug stimulation etc.. If the patients with acute glomerulonephritis can not get good treatment may also lead to chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis with recurrent features, it can be seen that the severity of the disease.
Chronic glomerulonephritis patients in the normal daily life must pay special attention, especially the diet method, some do not eat spicy and greasy food, do not eat cold food, not overeating, not smoking and drinking, otherwise cause of disease will be more serious, but also reduce the patient's body immunity.
Chronic glomerulonephritis patients usually must strengthen nutrition, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, melon, kiwi, pitaya, spinach and other foods. Diet should be as light as possible, so that the patient's body is very good.
Patients with chronic glomerulonephritis in addition to pay attention to diet, usually a lot of attention to their physical changes, to take advantage of the free time to learn a lot of medical knowledge. Pay attention to work and rest, to ensure adequate sleep, can choose some suitable for their own physical exercise according to their physical condition usually pay attention to their personal hygiene, to bathe, wash wash underwear and underwear. Pay attention to cold and warm, according to the change of season to change clothes, which are very important.
If found to have chronic glomerulonephritis need aggressive treatment, in the treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis by drug therapy, physical therapy and other methods, the doctor will according to the physical condition and examination results of patients for patients to choose a suitable treatment method, the patient must actively cooperate with the doctor, so you can have a good therapeutic effect.

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