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Pyelonephritis can live long? What factors and clinical symp

2017-01-24 15:28
Pyelonephritis can live long? What factors and clinical symptoms
Clinical for pyelonephritis is a common disease, patients suffering from the disease after clinical corresponding to a number of symptoms, but the disease caused by pathogenic factors have certain complexity, patients need to recognize the risk factors causing pyelonephritis, for symptomatic treatment, relieve the symptoms of the disease, increase the degree of comfort.
Is the main influence to pyelonephritis renal disease caused by renal pelvis, inflammatory diseases, general conditions for the formation of bacteria infections and pyelonephritis who have a direct relationship, will be accompanied by a lower urinary tract inflammation, so it is easy to confuse the clinical. According to the course of the disease for pyelonephritis and disease can be classified as acute or chronic.
Of course, a very simple truth, if the disease did not develop to a serious stage, then the patient's life will not be affected. If the disease has caused a great impact on patients, patients with local symptoms and systemic symptoms are more obvious, then the patient's life length will have a certain impact. It is also the case for pyelonephritis, late disease is prone to renal insufficiency, finally will problem because the metabolism of the body, resulting in shortening the length of life.
A disease of pyelonephritis clinically is very common, there are certain complexity for disease risk factors, patients mainly because of sexual intercourse, or cystitis and urinary tract obstruction, even renal parenchymal lesions, the disease will cause pyelonephritis, awareness of risk factors for clinical disease which requires good. Timely prevention, reduce the incidence of disease.
After the onset of pyelonephritis will be accompanied by some obvious symptoms, common is lumbago, moreover is kidney area tenderness and percussion pain, and even accompanied by chills and fever, the latter will have systemic symptoms common is bladder irritation, check the urine will have white blood cells, if the duration of more than 6 last month is chronic pyelonephritis, also cause uremia occur if not treated in time, affect the patient's life length.
The experts also can not say, a person suffering from pyelonephritis after life length is how much, because pyelonephritis itself is a complicated disease, the symptoms of the disease can be expressed in many aspects, experts can do is to inform the disease factors, clinical symptoms and diseases will appear, after timely pyelonephritis. Timely diagnosis and treatment.

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