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Tomatoes on sticks turned "international network red", have

2017-01-25 17:30

China's traditional snacks have been popular in network Tomatoes on sticks? Recently, the Russian city to celebrate the New Year, they set up a market in the city center; the snacks around the world are gathered in this market. Surprisingly, the Russian people to become Tomatoes on sticks for pet. According to Chinese businessmen, the best selling day can sell more than 1 thousand strings, is worthy of the New Year’s most popular foreign snacks". International friends! We enjoy the delicacy of feeling from the field force!
Similarly, in the Chinese winter streets, we see most of the pier is a haystack planted on the red Tomatoes on sticks with good-looking. However, such an ordinary street snack, can kidney disease patients not eat it?
Hawthorn Tomatoes on sticks
The most common is the Tomatoes on sticks on the hawthorn. Hawthorn is rich in vitamins and trace elements, can stimulate appetite and digestion, blood stasis, and for patients with nephropathy, hawthorn can significantly reduce blood pressure and blood fat, promoting urination, moderate consumption contributes to stable condition. However, hawthorn is not conducive to the excretion of uric acid, gout patients and uremic patients to avoid eating. Other patients with kidney disease, if encountered in the street, may wish to pick up a string of the biggest red to taste oh!
Yam Tomatoes on sticks
In addition, another common Tomato on sticks is the Chinese yam. Chinese yam is known as "Mountain King", whether it is the ordinary people or patient with kidney disease can invigorate the kidney tonic. Yam can enhance the body's immune system, patients with kidney disease in winter can improve the ability to resist disease, to prevent colds and so the recurrence of the disease. Yam no kilo, smooth appearance Tomatoes on sticks to the thief broken hole is better and more.
Fancy Tomatoes on sticks
Through the development and improvement of the material, Tomatoes on sticks more and more varied, suitable for the choice of more and more patients with nephropathy. For example, fruit has a diuretic, Tomatoes on sticks, blood pressure, body heat effect, is conducive to edema; there is an excellent food grape Tomatoes on sticks, kidney patients, can reduce the concentration of serum sodium dieresis; in addition, with Cherry Tomatoes, kiwi, strawberries and other kidney disease can also eat Tomatoes on sticks.
Now there are a lot of clamp nuts or filling clamp nephropathy patients can choose Tomatoes on sticks, glutinous rice paste, chestnut, raisins and other edible style.
But after all, although many benefits Tomatoes on sticks, high sugar content, so diabetic nephropathy patients need to eat; eat other people with kidney disease also want right amount limit. Finally, to remind all friends those Tomatoes on sticks is good, don't be greedy!

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