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Why chronic glomerulonephritis

2017-02-11 15:59

It is related to the pathological type of chronic glomerulonephritis, such as some pathological types, such as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis;

Two, and drug use is reasonable or not, especially rational use of hormones and cytotoxic drugs, antihypertensive drugs is important. The misuse of nephrotoxic drugs, the most is the misuse of aminoglycoside antibiotics such as gentamicin, if lead to the deterioration of renal function caused by uremia.

Three, the curative effect of certain drugs itself is not sure if Pan Shengding proteinuria, often after withdrawal and repeated again. Patients often do not follow the doctor's advice, to increase or decrease their own drugs, leading to the emergence of rebound phenomenon.

Four, the immune function of chronic glomerulonephritis is low, especially associated with anemia and hypoproteinemia, the Constitution itself and resistance are low, not fatigue resistant, susceptible to infection, once the life and work without the law, especially because of infection of upper respiratory tract infection, fatigue and other factors caused by the increase, even the manifestations of acute attack chronic nephritis, or lead to the deterioration of renal function.
Five, physical activity is a kind of need to consume physical activity, and fatigue is caused by repeated attacks of chronic glomerulonephritis, renal dysfunction or acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis.

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