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What are the attention of patients with interstitial nephrit

2017-02-25 14:13

Interstitial nephritis diet notes
There is a ban on dietary supplement, for interstitial nephritis patients, it is very important, especially for the treatment of interstitial nephritis to make it an important aspect of the patient must pay attention to:

1 if the elderly suffering from interstitial nephritis often feel legs numbness, frequent urination, back swelling, lassitude, usually because of the kidney lesions. Should choose red beans, corn consumption, good for kidney disease. But pepper, pepper, tea, coffee and other irritating food should be banned.

2 kidney disease patients must avoid salt. Oliguria or edema, drug problem, can choose some suitable food with the water. Such as melon thirst, diuresis, attending belly water rose. Skin white gourd fried soup and tea and water swelling effect. Gourd diuresis detumescence, detoxification effect.

3 patients with interstitial nephritis should drink plenty of water. And to give easy digest of high calorie, high protein, light semi liquid food in the diet.

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