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IgA nephropathy which need to stay in bed

2017-03-01 09:27

1, severe edema: IgA nephropathy patients with mild edema, moderate edema and severe edema of the three. If the edema is confined to the eyelids or ankle edema was mild; lower extremity edema extended to moderate; and even spread to the whole body, chest ascites is severe. Patients with moderate to severe IgA nephropathy should be in bed.

2, palpitation, shortness of breath, cough: if these symptoms occur, said there is blood stasis, pulmonary infection or heart failure and other serious cases, you should rest in bed, actively cooperate with the treatment, to avoid the disease continues to deteriorate.

3, there is a headache, dizziness, vomiting: such as the presence of these symptoms may indicate that patients with IgA nephropathy may be high blood pressure, blood pressure should be measured in a timely manner, such as confirmed that blood pressure does increase, it should be bed rest. If the blood pressure is increased quickly, the possible brain edema, headache, vomiting aggravated, even convulsions or seizures, this case should rest in bed and actively seek professional treatment.

4, there is a decrease in urine volume or gross hematuria: if the urine volume is significantly reduced, the daily urine volume of about 500 ml, or gross hematuria (such as meat washing water samples) heavier, often said to be more serious, should rest in bed.

5, abnormal indicators: such as blood urea nitrogen, creatine, creatinine increased significantly, creatinine clearance rate was significantly reduced, indicating renal dysfunction, should be advised to bed rest.

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