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IgA can not eat eggs in patients with nephropathy

2017-03-01 09:28

Suffering from hepatitis, nephritis eat eggs, some problems should be noticed. IgA kidney patients should not eat eggs. Due to the onset of renal function and metabolic effects are significantly reduced, urine volume reduction, some toxins in the body can not be excreted in vitro. At this point, if you eat eggs, eggs will inevitably increase the metabolism of urea, so there will be more urea accumulated in the body, so that the disease. Therefore, nephritis patients should be forbidden to eat eggs in the deterioration of the disease; in the stable phase can eat less.

Almost all nephropathy (including IgA nephropathy) patients in the daily diet, need to plant oil, try to eat less animal fat; meat with lean meat, add high-quality low protein diet, fat.

In a word, patients with kidney disease to eat this kind of food". Because the meat will increase the risk of kidney damage. The meat is of high quality low protein diet taboo in patients with nephropathy ", also belong to the high fat (lipids including cholesterol and glycerin three fat) diet, kidney damage and high fat diet will not only increase the existing in patients with IgA nephropathy, can also cause damage to the kidney of healthy people.

Healthy kidney for the time being, only to say that a high-fat diet is harmful to the kidneys. Medical research shows that high fat diet can cause cardiovascular damage. Similarly, hyperlipidemia can cause significant damage to the renal glomerular capillaries. Therefore, if the patient with a high-fat diet, the damage to the remaining glomerular can be imagined, the filtration effect of glomerular filtration is undoubtedly worse.

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