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Do you know that your kidneys are healthy?

2017-03-03 11:00

Everyone wants to know whether their kidneys are healthy. But how do you want to judge whether the kidneys are healthy? Doctors need to combine the previous history of illness, family history, symptoms, signs, and the necessary laboratory tests and other aspects of the situation to comprehensive judgments. In other words, to know whether your kidneys are healthy, you have to go to the hospital regularly for physical examination, not by your own feeling.

Chronic kidney disease is often not easy to find early, or even missed. Why is this happen?

First of all, chronic kidney disease can be completely no symptoms or symptoms are not obvious, can not cause patients and their families enough attention. Kidney compensatory function is extremely strong, even if the kidney function has been lost more than 50% of patients with chronic kidney disease may still have no symptoms.

Second, many routine physical examination or unit examination, often can not renal function test, and thus easy to miss the chronic kidney disease.

Third, some doctors lack of care for patients, especially high-risk groups, urinary routine, renal function examination awareness. For the initial diagnosis of hypertension, diabetes and other patients, some doctors just use antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic agents for treatment, and failed to timely implementation of urine, renal function and other tests.

Fourth, the current examination of renal function of the various methods there are some limitations, the lack of early sensitive indicators, can not be more early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease.

In addition, China's kindergarten science publicity is relatively weak, the majority of the masses failed to fully understand the knowledge of the prevention of kidney disease. And the masses difficult to see a doctor still exist, so that some patients failed to timely treatment or reluctant to actively visit, but also difficult to early detection of chronic kidney disease is an important reason.

Who is more likely to have chronic kidney disease?

The incidence of chronic kidney disease is caused by a variety of factors together, the pathogenesis is also very complex, but with the following risk factors significantly increased the incidence of the population should be highly vigilant.

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and family history of kidney disease are more likely to have chronic kidney disease, followed by metabolic diseases (obesity, hyperlipidemia, high uric acid), long-term use of nephrotoxic drugs (nonsteroidal Type of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, etc.), chronic urinary tract infections, urinary tract obstruction, hypercoagulable state, autoimmune diseases (lupus erythematosus), high protein diet, smoking, excessive drinking, low birth weight, age 65 Also susceptible to chronic kidney disease.

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