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What nephritis can eat?

2017-03-25 15:45

Nephropathy for us already is not a strange disease, there are a lot of people are suffering from the disease, we know that nephritis is our kidney problems, there are many kinds of types, each kind of kidney disease in the diet should have the taboo, so patients need to maintain good eating habits, which can be effective for adjuvant treatment in the patients with nephropathy, so we must pay attention to the diet, then what can the nephritis patients eat?

 nephropathy food

First if patients has the edema case, it is necessary to pay attention to eat some light and have a diuretic effect food, because the diuresis effect food is very good to ease our edema, especially the carp and crucian and watermelon, diuretic effect is very good. If the disease is severe, causing poor appetite, it is necessary to pay attention to eat some vitamin rich foods, like the fresh fruits and vegetables which are alkaline food, can offer a variety of vitamins, can promote recovery of renal function. Almost all nephritisl patients have hyperlipidemia, so the diet should eat less animal fat, try to eat some food rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vegetable oil, while the height edema would be limited to eat salt.

Finally, we want to say is that the kidney disease patients need to know more about the disease and daily diet attention, to take a scientific diet, because only in this way we can better restore our kidney function.

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