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How to pay attention to diet of chronic nephritis

2017-05-03 11:44

Chronic nephritis what can not eat? It is believed that most patients with chronic nephritis are aware of the importance of diet for chronic nephritis. A scientific and reasonable diet to help patients better recovery, but on the other hand, if the patient of chronic nephritis eating the forbidden food, it will cause harm to the patient's condition. So know what not to eat chronic nephritis, is very important for the patient's condition and treatment.

Chronic nephritis is a kidney disease that can occur at any age but occurs more frequently in young and middle-aged men:

1, chronic nephritis patients can not eat chili

Like pepper this kind of irritating ingredients and various condiments (such as onions, ginger, garlic, garlic, mustard, pepper), and various spices and volatile oil containing many vegetables (such as leeks, fennel, celery, radishes, etc.), the process of metabolism in the body, its pungent ingredients often through the kidneys, and these components on renal parenchymal cells have spicy varying degrees of stimulation, will seriously affect the renal function.

2, chronic nephritis patients can not eat banana

It is generally believed that bananas are rich in nutrition, sweet and delicious, everyone can eat, there is no taboo. However, people suffering from acute nephritis, chronic nephritis and poor renal function, but can not eat bananas, because bananas contain more sodium, and nephritis patients with edema, high blood pressure must be restricted sodium intake. Chronic nephritis can not eat those things? If nephritis patients often eat bananas, it is equivalent to a large amount of sodium intake, resulting in increased burden on the kidneys, edema, hypertension and other symptoms will be aggravated. In addition, indigestion and diarrhea patients after eating will aggravate the condition.

3, patients with chronic nephritis can not eat eggs

Nephritis patients can not eat eggs. Due to the onset of renal function and metabolic effects are significantly reduced, urine volume reduction, some toxins in the body can not be excreted in vitro. At this point, if you eat eggs, eggs will inevitably increase the metabolic products - urea, so there will be more urea accumulated in the body, so that the disease. Chronic nephritis can not eat those things? Therefore, nephritis patients should be forbidden to eat eggs in the deterioration of the disease, in the stable phase can eat less.

4, patients with chronic nephritis can not eat preserved eggs

Preserved eggs, although it does not taste salty taste, but its sodium content is not low, the need for low salt diet nephritis patients, occasionally eat a little. Such as a long time to eat, it will increase the body's sodium content, the role of a low salt diet is not conducive to physical rehabilitation. Therefore, nephritis patients can not eat preserved eggs.

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