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What is the drug of early nephritis?

2017-05-03 11:51

Early treatment of nephritis as long as the choice of good treatment, the condition will get better, otherwise it will likely cause renal failure, uremia. So, what kind of medicine in the early stages of nephritis? Here I make the following specific analysis and description:

Early eat what medicine nephritis happened? Inflammation nephritis is human body kidney, nephritis gradually developed primarily in the kidney health inherent cells gradually decreased and apoptosis, extracellular matrix proliferation increased gradually, to replace the original healthy cells, leading to kidney gradually become scar kidney, excretion and secretion dysfunction, loss of normal function, to the development of renal failure, renal failure, uremia.

Early treatment of nephritis after a period of time, the test sheet or "+"

This is because the nephritis patients in the application of hormone and immunosuppressant drugs, these drugs can treat the symptomatic treatment for inflammatory nephritis patients, the edema, proteinuria, hematuria due to inflammation and the emergence of such can be solved, so temporarily seems to be under control, renal inflammatory nephritis cured. But now the problem is that the nephritis patients again and again three to accept the treatment of nephritis relapse after treatment, after the improvement, after a period of time after disease relapse, and is not good.

So, what is the drug of nephritis in the early stages of treatment of nephritis, the key is to block the development of renal fibrosis, repair damaged renal function, so as to achieve a good therapeutic effect.

It is suggested that the treatment should be carried out by using the complex kidney medicine system. Because of complex renal medicine therapy only to break the traditional nephropathy eyes on the treatment of misunderstanding of urine protein, urine occult blood or blood creatinine and urea nitrogen. Its unique real lift from the root cause of the pathological damage method to improve kidney function has stood at the forefront of the international field of nephropathy. In addition to the introduction of advanced kidney specific ECT from abroad, early detection and diagnosis of kidney disease, the accurate calculation of glomerular filtration rate, providing accurate data reference for before and after treatment, a multi perspective and comprehensively solve the kidney pain for patients.

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