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How is Diabetic Nephrosis Treated? Would like to ask which h

2017-05-04 09:31

The basic condition of patients: Patients with "s weakness with foam in urine for half a year, with aggravation of nausea and vomiting in 2 months." Be hospitalized。 2 months before admission to hospital diagnosed as "chronic renal failure (uremia), 11 parallel hemodialysis and left upper limb fistula; patients with yellow, fatigue, poor sleep, diet, severe anemia, poor health, accompanied by symptoms of palpitation and chest tightness. Blood tests: 40.0g/L renal function: serum creatinine hemoglobin 905.2umol/L (2 days after dialysis) urea nitrogen 9.1mmol/l, ECT=9ml/min double renal function of severe damage, after 1 months of treatment significantly improved physical indexes, decreased physical recovery, diet increased significantly. Preliminary diagnosis: chronic glomerulonephritis CKD:5 stage renal anemia renal hypertension after left upper extremity arteriovenous fistula. How to treat the patient with uremia period of glomerulonephritis? Dialysis can cure it?

Treatment: after the diagnosis, can quickly give complex treatment, combined with hemodialysis, through blood transfusion (total 4U), lower blood pressure, correcting acidosis and hypokalemia after treatment, eating better, improve complexion, physical recovery, the indicators improved. Combined with complex treatment with diet, nine standard standard, to protect the heart and lung function, reduce blood pressure, correct acidosis and other complications, improve the environment, enhance immunity, mobilize the immune ability to repair body strong, makes the body physique improvement.

How to treat the patient with uremia period of glomerulonephritis? Dialysis can cure it? The treatment process of Shijiazhuang has entered the stage of renal medicine, patients with renal failure, usually by dialysis, blood transfusion, blood pressure, correcting acid calcium treatment, can only solve the problem on the surface, can not fundamentally solve the remaining nephron repair ability of kidney. And the Shijiazhuang Institute of Nephrology treatment, so that the burden of the kidneys to reduce fatigue, rest, protection of residual renal units, and the remaining nephron repair. The body will have a strong immune repair ability. The condition will be stable, but I must abide by the Shijiazhuang Institute of Nephrology of the "nine standard", "standard" is the people is a prerequisite for treatment of the disease, only patients who changed, ideas, behavior change, in order to fundamentally solve the cause, people happy, the body it will have a huge self repair ability, resist various diseases occur. Only through the meaning (ideas, ideas, ideas) to achieve the treatment of patients with diet, rest, environmental and emotional regulation, in order to achieve shape (physical) improvement.

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