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Is a low protein diet helpful for kidney disease?

2017-05-04 09:41

Whether low protein diet affects the prognosis of patients with nephritis has been confirmed or recognized. Restriction of protein intake is beneficial to the prognosis of nephritis. The rats were treated with different levels of protein diet with or without nephritis. That little protein quality was easy to recover, mortality rate is low; if given the high protein diet, blood urea nitrogen levels increased rapidly, increase the amount of urine protein, renal function also gradually deteriorated, so obvious symptoms of uremia. Over the years, it has also been shown that in patients with uremia after a low protein diet, blood urea nitrogen decreased, symptoms improved accordingly. However, the low protein diet monotonous and tasteless, easy to affect the appetite caused by insufficient intake of calories, resulting in a negative balance of nitrogen, urea nitrogen also increased, so it can not only increase the plasma urea nitrogen to the mechanical control diet. In order to avoid the negative nitrogen balance, must use the high nutritional value of animal protein, namely food protein amino acids (especially the essential amino acids must meet the needs of the composition and proportion) is close to the human protein, the body can be fully utilized.

Shijiazhuang kidney doctor pointed out: from the body's protein synthesis, such as the intake of essential amino acid content of poor quality protein, hinder the synthesis of body protein. On the contrary, if given the daily needs of patients with essential amino acids, are available to patients in urea synthesis of protein, the blood urea nitrogen levels decreased, at the same time can lead to positive nitrogen balance. Therefore, patients with chronic nephritis, should pay attention to the high nutritional value of animal protein. The results showed that the protein content of soybean protein was high, but it was not essential amino acid. Milk and eggs with non essential amino acids are lower, the proportion of essential amino acids and the needs of the human body is similar, so it can be used as the first choice, followed by fish and meat. As for the requirement of patients in our hospital daily protein, dietary standard has made a clear choice, according to the different condition of patients with nephritis, a series of food standards, by the majority of patients with nephropathy is recognized and highly praised, they agreed that the Shijiazhuang kidney medical diet formulation for patients, safe and reliable and has targeted to a certain extent, promote kidney medicine treatment effect, if you also need such a scheme with diet, welcome to actively call national toll free 400-0861-120 or online consulting our experts for your free post kidney medicine tailored to your diet related standards and treatment.

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