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These types of people you'd better not eat hot pepper!Come a

2017-05-04 17:54
Shijiazhuang which kidney disease hospital is a lot of people like to eat spicy, that hot, a crowd of "no", surely, if you add the pepper in the food, immediately can be added to taste.Although when you eat hot peppers can also warm in the cold, but the kidney of traditional Chinese medicine health experts stressed that: pepper is good, but you'd better not eat the following 8 kinds of people.
This 8 kind of people don't eat spicy food
1, Patients with nephropathy
Traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts said that capsaicin is excreted through the kidneys, to the detriment of renal parenchyma cells, which can cause the change of the renal function, and even renal failure.
2, Maternal
Traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts said that this group of chillies are eaten, mouth sores occur, the symptoms of suffer from excessive internal heat, dry stool etc., Can also be a result of breast-feeding infants to the disease.
3, In patients with hyperthyroidism
Because of the fast heart rate in patients with hyperthyroidism itself, after eating chili, but will also speed up the heart, the symptoms are more obvious.
4, Thin people should not eat hot peppers
Because thinner people often dry throat, Bitter taste in the mouth, irritability, if eating chili, not only aggravate the symptoms and the cause of bleeding, allergy and inflammation, it can cause infection of carbuncle sore and so on.
5, Pink eye, keratitis patients
Traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts explained, chili hot food, can make the vascular dilatation and congestion of the eye, resulting in decreased resistance to the eye, make people susceptible to pinkeye.
Therefore, has pink eye, during the onset of symptoms of keratitis, should resolutely put an end to chili.Because chili is easy to get inflamed, thereby aggravating the disease.
6, Patients with hemorrhoid
While chili is rich in vitamin C, can stimulate the taste buds, makes people have an appetite.But because it blocks there is a lot of excitement, there are patients with hemorrhoid after eating the pepper, easy hemorrhoid venous congestion and edema, and further aggravate hemorrhoids, so as to form abscess of the anus.In addition pepper can add to constipation, hemorrhoids become so heavy.Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts say have the symptoms of hemorrhoids patients don't eat chili.
7, Those who take Chinese traditional medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts say eating capsaicin will affect the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine, therefore while taking Chinese medicines, should be fasting spicy food.Persons taking Chinese medicines in the diet should be a little slow, can not eat peppers and all food containing incentives, otherwise it will cause a relapse.
8, Chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, pancreatitis
Because stimulation of capsaicin Due to the increase of gastric acid secretion, gastric acid more can make gallbladder contraction and spasm of the sphincter of Oddi, causing difficulties in the discharge of bile, so as to induce cholecystitis, biliary colic or pancreatitis.In addition, traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts say there the crude fiber content of patients with this condition should eat more food, should avoid eating radish, pepper, onion strong excitant food.Otherwise they will be prone to colic, the disease is more serious.
How to prevent the normally eat spicy food lit
1. Fresh pepper instead of dry pepper
Traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts warn that, when you cook with fresh pepper instead of dry pepper, which can reduce the fire.Because after high temperature cooking fried fresh chiles, spicy will be reduced.If the dish has been put in hot peppers, don't put pepper, aniseed, cinnamon and other hot spices, or the heating on "hot", are more likely to suffer from excessive internal heat.
2. Selected staple foods and whole grains
Eating hot food, staple had better choose whole grains, because of its rich in dietary fiber content, can prevent constipation caused by stomach dryness-heat.Corn or sweet potato is a good choice.In addition, tears can also go dry, if the congee with Lily, the effect is more obvious.
3. With the cool food cooking
Traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts say the chilli heat, which is to lead people to the cause of the fire.If it matches a number of cool food, will be able to play the role of "and", pure hot go to fire.For example, duck, fish and shrimp, bitter gourd, towel gourd, cucumber, Lily, green leafy vegetables and so on, can be heat-clearing, nourishing yin and purging fire for removing toxin, especially for the heat of the stomach to eat.Pepper soak in vinegar for a while before cooking, or add a little vinegar cooking hot food, can also ease the fire.
4. Drink a lot of soup, add water
Traditional Chinese medicine of kidney health experts say spicy food is easy to cause dry throat, your lips are dry wait for a symptom.At this point, drink plenty of water.Drinking a bowl of green vegetables and tomato and egg soup, but plays a promoting effect of moistening dryness.When you eat spicy food, a cup of yogurt or milk, not only can solve hot, and antipyretic effects.
5. Eat more sour fruit after meal
Love spicy food of the people, should eat more sour fruits after meals.Sour fruits that are rich in tannic acid, cellulose and other substances, can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, to accelerate the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, nourishing yin and moistening dryness to help the spicy food of the people.Eat apples, pears, pomegranates, bananas, or eat hawthorn fruit, grapes, grapefruit, have to go to the role of the fire.

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