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What are the causes of nephritis

2017-05-04 18:40
The nephritis is one of the more serious kidney disease, and physical harm, and, if not treated, a recipe for disaster.Shijiazhuang which kidney disease hospital experts remind my friends, more conditioning your body in life, pay attention to health to prevent nephritis.
How to get nephritis?What are the causes of easily induced nephritis?A lot of nephritis for threats to health, we must always be vigilant for the disease, not because of his negligence does not understand and lead to the emergence of the disease.Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital expert for your interpretation of induced nephritis three main reasons:
A, external evil invasion: Whether the repeated cold, Or the pharyngeal disease, caused by wind-heat Tonsillitis (swelling of tonsil), Suppurative tonsillitis or furuncle and carbuncle of the skin caused by damp-heat, etc. Can be the basis of deficiency, resulting in obstacles in gasification of the triple warmer, stop within the dampness, which led to edema, proteinuria, hypertension and so on.
How to get nephritis?Shizuyasu a kidney specialist for your interpretation of the three major causes of induced nephritis
Find out nephritis patients with Li after the red flu
The two indicators turned negative, are static because of Kang Hospital
II. Emotional labor burden by: The excessive seven emotions, Eating disorders, Taxation damage of pregnancy, sex and other factors, can lead to depletion of the body's internal organs yin-Yang and simultaneous disorder of Qi and Qi, so that the internal basis of chronic nephritis.
How to get nephritis?Shizuyasu a kidney specialist for your interpretation of the three major causes of induced nephritis
Jimo a patient: pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome of chronic glomerulonephritis, renal insufficiency
A thank-you note deep affection between doctor and patient
Three, weakness of the spleen and the kidney: long-term healing of acute nephritis internal injury spleen and kidney, spleen and kidney deficiency is the main cause of the pathogenesis of chronic nephritis.Due to different living environment, in which patients with chronic glomerulonephritis In addition, there are also differences in eating habits and preferences, the function of the spleen and stomach disorders, long body will easily lead to the problem of chronic nephritis edema.Traditional Chinese medicine stresses "deficiency of spleen and kidney, the weak due to dampness, damp heat, add damp-evil, damp-heat pathogen and increase the spleen and kidney deficiency; Spleen and kidney deficiency and humid by the exogenous evil brought about and aggravating and Qi, blood, water and the production of pathological product, and the pathological products and increase the spleen and kidney deficiency, damp-heat lingering.And so forth, forming a vicious circle!Once the notes of the human body spleen, stomach and kidney weakness, with the passage of time, ultimately, the persistence of the symptoms of nephritis edema of the patients, again no more.
How to get nephritis?Shizuyasu a kidney specialist for your interpretation of the three major causes of induced nephritis
Patients with Li: Acute Pyelonephritis with chronic glomerulonephritis
Egg white six years of the initial negative patients in favour of Jing Kang curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine
Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital Warm prompt: Chronic nephritis patients, the illness are prone to congestion, deficiency of Qi, water-damp, toxin and so on, the deficiency of Qi and Yin, asthenia of viscera and other illnesses.There is deviation, the symptoms of chronic nephritis Pathogenesis have focused on, Therefore, at the time of treatment need based on the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis, Etiological analysis and differentiation of symptoms and signs, To improve the function of kidney damage, To radically improve nephritis edema, Urinary problems, such as egg white Patients should be to the specialized kidney treatment centers. Don't blindly Superstitious folk prescription, only western medicine in the treatment of scientific exercise nephritis, can obtain good clinical effect.

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