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Adrenal disease diet taboo:

2017-02-02 14:54

1, milk: milk thistle extract can help liver function, and thus help patients with adrenal function. Drink 150-300 ml per day.
2, carrot: carrot is rich in sucrose, glucose, starch, carotene and potassium, calcium, phosphorus, etc.. Adrenal gland pressure. Can be fried food, cooking, soy sauce, pickled, etc..
3, olive: olive fruit rich in calcium and vitamin C, is conducive to patients with adrenal function. With water, wring juice, decoction, or aogao clothing.
4, small hemp pepper: fat belongs to high fat foods, will increase the pressure of the adrenal gland. Fried food, pork, also eat as well.
5, coffee: coffee on the adrenal glands and other glands with a high degree of toxicity. Try to avoid drinking.
6, ham: Ham are high fat foods, will increase the pressure of patients with adrenal disease. Highly processed foods, soda, sugar and white flour and other food.
The above is about the adrenal gland disease patients notice the three principles of diet, the relevant content, we hope to help understand. Adrenal disease treatment time is relatively long, do a good job of daily diet, can effectively promote the recovery of the disease. Therefore, patients with adrenal diseases on the dietary principles described above, we also need to pay attention to the diet taboo, active nursing.

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