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We should pay attention to prevent diabetic nephropathy:

2017-02-02 14:37

1, strict control of blood sugar and dry weight. Because of the long-term hyperglycemia and obesity is the most important factor in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy, but also the key to prevention.
2, if the combination of antihypertensive treatment hypertension.
3. Insulin therapy should be used as soon as possible for patients who are not well controlled by oral drugs or those with impaired renal function.
4, use of oral hypoglycemic drugs. As far as possible to choose a small drug toxicity to the kidney.
5, regular detection of blood sugar and urine protein, once found that proteinuria should be found as soon as possible the relevant medical treatment
The above is about the prevention of diabetic nephropathy, we should pay attention to what the relevant introduction, I hope the above content to help you. Through the above introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding of this. For patients with diabetic nephropathy, we should give a correct understanding. Must be early detection and treatment, and choose the right treatment, so as not to aggravate the condition leading to deterioration of the disease.

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