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Chronic nephritis Proper diet

2017-02-02 14:36

Proper diet:1. no significant edema and high blood pressure are not bound to limit water and sodium intake, increase water to increase the amount of urine is very important, for patients with mild to moderate azotemia does not limit protein intake to maintain positive nitrogen balance in the body.

2. the daily loss of protein quality in more patients should pay attention to the ball of plant proteins such as soy soybean protein, gliadin in wheat and barley proteins, corn Zein proteins in three categories to supplement the loss of protein substances in the body. Proteinuria associated with mild azotemia increased protein intake. Severe azotemia progressive azotemia or the near future appropriate limit protein intake.

3. high quality protein diet. High quality protein refers to foods that contain high essential amino acids, such as eggs, meat, fish and milk. Eating as little as possible with non-essential amino acid proteins, such as rice, flour, peanuts, soya

And its products, using wheat starch, vegetable (such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes and potatoes) instead of staples.

4. chronic nephritis patients not eat fruit, so as not to increase the burden on kidneys. Summer high temperatures, some kidney disease patients, like ice cream or cold drink to quench their thirst. Occasionally it is

If greed is cool good for illness. Corruption due to acute enteritis and cool makes repeated or aggravated condition, it should be used with caution and cool drinks. Nor eat sour, enzymes are rotten or unsanitary overnight food to avoid gastro-intestinal diseases, shadow

Sound recovery. So, in patients with kidney disease should be soft and easy to digest, light and nutritious diet, proper eating Lotus root starch, Lotus, Lotus Leaf soup, red bean porridge porridge.In addition, eating the right amount of healthy food is the effective means to promote a balanced, but don't feel like health food

Healthy mind: maintain a good attitude, and actively adapt to the social development and change, and glow in your heart and mind open.

1, to avoid burnout, relieve mental stress: stress, overwork, and midnight oil can aggravate chronic nephritis.

2, want to have good habits, keep regular hours: usually have to arrange the system of lifestyle, more participation in appropriate activities, more exercise, but should avoid burnout, proper nutrition, strengthen the body and body resistance and pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental hygiene, clean, develop healthy living habits and keep the mood lighthearted, strengthen health care consciousness of self.

3, understanding your personality, behavior patterns, and take an optimistic attitude, keep feeling refreshed.

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