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Nursing care of Purpura Nephropathy

2017-08-22 15:25

Occurrence of Purpura Nephropathy bring too many kidney health hazards for patient, if you suffer from Purpura Nephropathy, should to adhere to good treatment and care, only this way can see some of the better treatment effect, to avoid too much damage, sowhat are the nursing care of Purpura Nephropathy?

Nursing care of Purpura Nephropathy

What should be noted about the nursing of Purpura Nephropathy?

1, maintain a good mood: in the process of treatment, patients should maintain a good state of mind, should not have negative psychology, to establish a strong confidence. Keep optimistic and upward thinking. This will be of great help to the rehabilitation of the patient.

2, purpura nephritis diet: diet should also pay more attention to, patients can not eat salty food, spicy excitant food, patients should not eat contaminated food, as well as barbecue should not eat.

3, prevention of infection: purpura nephritis patients should pay attention to traumatic infection in daily life, because one of the reasons is caused by infection of purpura nephritis, serious harm to patients, so patients in peacetime should pay attention to their own not infected.

4, prevent cold: cold is one of the most important factors leading to kidney damage in patients with kidney disease. People suffering from chronic nephritis may cause recurrence and aggravation of the kidney on the same day or the next day. Acute nephritis generally easy to appear in the cold after 10-14 days, symptoms showed edema, hematuria, renal function will be found if the test, serum creatinine and urea nitrogen increased rapidly.

Through the above introduction, hope to patients with active nursing, pay attention to the nursing items above after illness, is played a key role for both disease remission, may every Purpura Nephropathy Patients earlier from disease.

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