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Nephritis patients should pay attention to what to eat

2017-01-24 17:31

We can also know that the emergence of a number of diseases, in the absence of a disease to maintain their own mentality is the most important, followed by the patient to know what to eat their own health. A good diet for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with disease has a very good supporting role, then, nephritis patients should pay attention to what to eat?.
1, nephritis patients in the treatment, should try to avoid the use of some immune drugs or injections, so as not to aggravate the burden of the kidney, the effect of treatment.
2, nephritis patients to eat what? For the use of hormone treatment of patients, should be based on their own specific circumstances, under the guidance of the doctor to increase or decrease the amount of hormone and the number of times.
3, for patients with severe edema in patients with nephritis, should also be strictly control the intake of salt, water. Patients with severe edema can enter a low sodium diet.
4, nephritis patients to eat what? Experts say, the patient's diet should be light, try not to eat seafood, beef and mutton and other irritating food. Moreover, to stay away from alcohol and tobacco, so as not to aggravate the condition.
5, fresh Vegetable & Fruit, is indispensable for nephritis patients. Moreover, the patient should also be appropriate to drink some water, away from the tonic, tonic food and easy to get angry. For example: chili, lychee, chocolate and other food.
For patients to eat what is good, the above content has been carried out for a brief introduction, hoping to arouse the attention of the majority of patients and their families and attention. Patients in active treatment, we must pay attention to diet care, only in this way, can recover soon

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