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What are the preventive measures for male urinary tract infections?

2017-09-17 16:26

Daily drinking more water, urine plays a washing effect on the bladder and urethra, it is conducive to the discharge of bacteria, drink lots of water every day, 2 ~ 3 hours urination one time, can avoid the propagation of bacteria in the urinary tract, can reduce the incidence of urinary tract infection, which is the most effective method for prevention of urinary tract infection. The onset of the disease or remission stage, drink plenty of water every day, it’s conducive to the recovery of the disease, but also play a preventive role.

What are the preventive measures for male urinary tract infections?

Avoid alcohol and smoking stimulation, according to clinical investigation in patients with urinary tract infection, people who smoking and drinking have obvious higher risk of urinary tract infection than those don’t smoke or drink, moreover, after treatment, smoking and drinking patients have a higher risk of recurrence. Clinical studies have shown that alcohol and nicotine stimulate latent or latent pathogens, alcohol can induce latent pathogenic bacteria breeding, which caused urinary tract infection or recurrence of clinical symptoms.

Prevention can effectively reduce the incidence of urinary tract infection, there are many defense mechanisms for urinary tract infections, and there are many predisposing factors. We should make full use of the body prevention mechanism to prevent urinary tract infections. Pay attention to personal hygiene, especially local health of lower part of the body, which is an important means of prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection.

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