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Does fresh strawberries available for nephrotic patients?

2018-03-04 19:11

For nephrotic patients, whether can eat fruit, there are two major factors to consider: Is there high potassium content in fruit? Is this fruit harmful to kidney function? 

Does fresh strawberries available for nephrotic patients?

In fact, the potassium content in strawberries is only 131 mg / 100 g, which is moderate. Compared with fresh dates, coconut, jackfruit, Hawthorn, bananas, Guiyuan, cherries, peaches and other fruits that need to be avoided, strawberries can be eaten at ease. Secondly, in all fruits, Except carambola can cause hyperkalemia, hematuria, acute exacerbation of chronic renal function and other adverse reactions, other fruits will not damage the kidney.

Strawberries are not only low in potassium, but also low in sugar, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. High blood sugar sufferers can also eat comfortably. Rich vitamin C can also compensate for deficiencies in water-soluble vitamins lost in the nephrotic diet.

Ignoring the price, strawberries are indeed one of the fruits recommended by nutritionists. In the nephrotic diet, the recommended amount of fruit is 200 grams per day, which is generally suitable for patients with kidney disease. Occasional overconsumption is OK, but not too often. The recommended way to eat fresh strawberries is also the best, strawberry juice, strawberry yogurt will lose some nutrients.

Hollow strawberries can't be bought, big strawberries don't taste good, strawberries need to be washed with fruit and vegetable cleaning agents when they are sprayed. The solution to the above series of problems is actually very simple. Choose the regular fruit market or supermarket to buy them. There are clear regulations on pesticide and hormone residues in fruits and timely detection.

Strawberries are hollow, because they grow at different rates inside and outside. Maybe they're using an expander, or it's probably just a fertilizer. It's a plant growth regulator that's harmless to your body. Strawberries are different in size. Because of the variety, the use of swelling agent may also be part of the reason, does not mean that strawberries are not good, medium-sized strawberries taste better.

In order to ensure that strawberries are not damaged during transportation, fruit growers usually pick 80% of ripe strawberries (white fruit, red fruit) and ship them to local markets. Bright strawberries can also ensure sour and sweet taste. Patients should choose 80% ripe strawberries, freshness and taste are in the best.

The proper way to clean strawberries is not to remove the bottom leaves of strawberries, rinse them under clear water, then soak them in salt water and rinse them again with clear water. Strawberries cannot be stored, transported, and many patients choose to go to the fruit shed to pick them. We also support that we often go out activities, scattered, but remember not to eat too much, and strawberries grow close to the ground, must remember to wash before eating.

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