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Food that can prolong life in patients with kidney disease

2018-04-06 19:02

Kidney has become another major renal chronic disease of people's lives, so this condition should be paid enough attention in our consciousness, the source of the development of the disease condition, what is going on, we need to know that they can restrain the occurrence of the disease from the origin or development.

Food that can prolong life in patients with kidney disease

For kidney disease, to a large extent is the excess of diet. We should change the development of the disease from the improvement of diet to help the treatment of the disease and play the role of adjuvant treatment.

Dietary fiber food is not easy to be gastrointestinal digestion of carbohydrate and lignin, many plant foods are rich in dietary fiber. But due to the economic level, all meat intake increased significantly, the staple food is more and more refined, leading to a serious shortage of dietary fiber intake. Due to dietary restrictions, plant food to eat in patients with kidney disease it may be less than ordinary people, more dietary fiber is not enough.

Studies have shown that lack of dietary fiber in diet can disrupt intestinal flora, cause intestinal imbalance and chronic low inflammatory state, and cause intestinal mucosal barrier changes and low-grade endotoxemia, which is related to aggravating kidney disease.

There have been many studies show that dietary fiber can improve the prognosis of patients with nephropathy. The study found: the total daily fiber intake if increased 10g, with or without kidney disease, can cause reduced C reactive protein (C reactive protein is a reflection of inflammation in the body, and the decreased degree index) in patients with chronic kidney disease is more significant than the general population while dietary fiber intake, in patients with lower mortality. Dietary fiber intake increased in patients with nephropathy benefits may be greater than ordinary people!

The following kinds of foods are rich in dietary fiber: whole grains, potatoes, fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts. If these foods seldom appear on your table, dietary fiber will probably not be enough.


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