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Renal dysfunction cannot be prevented

2017-01-24 17:53
The development of all renal diseases into the late stage of renal dysfunction, renal dysfunction is very troublesome to treat. Because of this, we should pay attention to the prevention of renal insufficiency. The prevention of renal insufficiency can be taken effective measures? Hefei kidney hospital experts pointed out that prevention should start from all aspects of life, do comprehensive prevention can effectively prevent the occurrence of renal insufficiency. What effective measures can be taken to prevent renal insufficiency? Let's take a look at it!
Many diseases will affect renal function, the patient should be timely treatment of these diseases. For example, strict control of blood sugar, you can prevent the disease caused by diabetes, if you can in the early stages of diabetic nephropathy, diet control and taking the corresponding drugs, the effect is far better than the late effect. In the same way, the use of steroids and immunosuppressive agents is appropriate for lupus erythematosus to prevent continued deterioration of renal function.
It is necessary to develop a good habit of life and medication habits, if there is high blood pressure in time to treat high blood pressure, in particular, can be a radical treatment of secondary hypertension. Treatment of various infectious diseases, such as colds, urethritis, etc. Treatment and diet, lifestyle related diseases, such as high blood fat, high cholesterol, anemia, etc.. To avoid the abuse of painkillers or developer check. Avoid the use of a variety of remedies or unknown nationality medicine, such as pills etc..
Diet has a great impact on human health, when renal function is less than 70%, to eat low protein foods. With a weight of 60 kg, for example, the daily consumption of meat can not be too much, can be properly supplemented with low phosphorus, potassium milk powder. If and have high blood pressure, should avoid preserved, canned food, seasoning with salt reduction. The daily energy intake is about 30-35 calories per kilogram of body weight.
These experts have to introduce, hope everybody can pay attention to these preventive measures, to know renal insufficiency is not without signs of sudden body, renal insufficiency has a process of development, we must focus on prevention. If you would like to know more about the prevention of renal insufficiency, welcome to contact with the online expert of the website!

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