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Work pressure can also damage the kidney, chronic nephritis,

2017-01-24 11:22

Work pressure can also damage the kidney, chronic nephritis, how to do self conditioning?
Chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis. Under normal circumstances, it has a longer pathological cycle, according to different conditions, the degree of severity of symptoms is not the same. In addition, it has more symptoms, of which the most common is edema and hematuria, etc.. Chronic nephritis patients most need is a healthy work and rest, so the patient must be enough to face up to their own.
In modern life, people are generally in a state of stress and fatigue, according to the survey, more than 70% of patients with nephritis is caused by excessive fatigue. Often bear the pressure of life and long-term tension in the spirit in the course of time, causing the body resistance drops, the bacteria and viruses can easily invade the body, causing various adverse reactions such as lumbago, hidden nephritis.
Because people can not pay attention to nephritis, then we talk about the symptoms of chronic nephritis.
First, after getting up to see edema, especially a swelling of the eyelids.
Second, with the development of a small number of patients with hematuria.
Third, some patients will have proteinuria. Specific performance for urine turbidity, accompanied by a larger bubble, and longer stay. Patients should pay more attention to.
Fourth, the condition is more serious when there is high blood pressure.
So how to regulate chronic nephritis?.
First, due to the slow development of chronic nephritis, patients should regularly go to the hospital to check their own medical records should be preserved.
Second, reasonable arrangements for life, to avoid over exertion, a cold, diarrhea, etc., should also be cautious, and the doctor explained that he is nephritis patients, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.
Third, with the doctor medication and treatment. All follow the doctor's advice, such as antihypertensive drugs, designated auxiliary drugs, etc.. Do not leak or take drugs, otherwise it will cause kidney loss.
Fourth, reasonable arrangement diet. A small amount of salt and fat intake, protein intake. Diet can consult a doctor, a moderate diet, a great help to the recovery of the disease.
Fifth, timely adjustment of the self psychology. Relieve the pressure such as working pressure or burden, to adjust the psychological balance.
Sixth, avoid strenuous exercise. Moderate exercise, improve immunity and enhance physical fitness, is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease, such as walking etc..
Seventh, avoid sedentary, long standing, and not stay up late. Bed can be appropriate to increase blood flow.
Eighth, to develop good personal hygiene, to avoid the spread of disease.
The above analysis of the pressure will damage the kidneys, chronic nephritis is a slow development condition of disease, so patients on their own must have confidence, not to worry, optimistic mood, depressed mood if unable to resolve it, can go to see the psychological doctor. Because this is a long process, so the patient to do a good job with the preparation of the fight, can refer to the above chronic nephritis conditioning method to do.

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