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What are the symptoms of lupus nephritis

2017-01-24 15:35
What are the symptoms of lupus nephritis
Lupus nephritis occurs mainly due to problems with the patient's immune system. The method is not timely treatment or improper treatment, is a very big harm to the body, when lupus nephritis in advanced mainly manifested as abnormal urine, proteinuria, hematuria, renal insufficiency, and systemic symptoms such as skin erythema, skin allergies, inflammation and so on.
After the occurrence of lupus nephritis, it is difficult to cure, if you do not pay attention to physical care, even long-term medication, it is difficult to avoid exacerbations. What are the symptoms of lupus nephritis, inflammation of the onset of symptoms and complications of a lot of time to pay attention to, and actively take symptomatic treatment, control the development of the disease.
In the late stage of lupus nephritis, urine abnormality is very obvious, usually patients often appear hematuria phenomenon, the urine color yellow and red with blood, and painful symptoms have appeared. Go to the hospital for urine examination, found proteinuria. Long term abnormal urine, can lead to patients with dysuria, urgency, apathetic phenomenon.
Lupus nephritis in late, there will be symptoms of renal insufficiency. Long term inflammation of the kidney, the drug can not be controlled in a timely manner, or the effect of the control is not good, leading to renal pain, the body's toxins can not be excreted in time, affecting the normal life and diet. Severe renal failure occurs when the image, systemic edema, edema, may also be accompanied by high blood pressure and other complications, the system must be used for the treatment of diseases.
Lupus nephritis in patients with advanced, but also systemic lesions. Mainly for many spots, the body appears on the similar hudieban, erythema continuous diffusion, the skin often feel fever. In addition to inflammation of the skin, there may also be arthritis, ulcers and other diseases, and even the emergence of mental disorders, leading to the body often twitch, causing seizures.
Lupus nephritis to the late symptoms are more and more complications, there will be hematuria proteinuria, renal insufficiency, skin fever, erythema and a series of symptoms. Under the guidance of professional doctors, standardized medication. Diet should pay attention to, can not eat the food is difficult to digest and irritating, eat regularly, it is best to eat more meals, can not be overeating.

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