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2017-02-19 16:50

Second human lumbar with the right pelvis linkage, while there are very close relations, and the whole digestive system at the same time, the second lumbar spinous process by 1.5 inches for this point, Shenshu, attending impotence spermatorrhea, irregular menstruation, tinnitus, deafness, pain etc.. The results showed that there was a certain effect on bladder tension. If the second lumbar crooked, or peripheral muscles become stiff, the energy will decrease, appeared back pain, impotence, enuresis, etc..

For the second lumbar spine, we can do the following treatment:

1, select point massage:

Mingmen. Shenshu, Zhi room

Mingmen: anterior midline, second lumbar spinous process.

Shenshu: second lumbar spinous process by 1.5 inches.

Room: second lumbar spinous process next to open the 3 inches.

2, functional exercise:

Supine, arms straight into the side of the body, legs straight, arms apart, up above his head, an ear, palms up, limbs and torso stretching as far as possible, and then lift the upper body, leaned forward, forehead as close as possible to the knees, keeping the upper body bent, turning around, finally to relatively easy to switch the direction of stop, inhale and hold, to hold a slow breath, then slowly lay down, back in situ, relax, rest a little.

3, therapeutic side:

Mutton black bean soup

Mutton 100 grams, 50 grams of black beans, boil, simmer until the meat rotten, taste as to deficiency type element.

Bamboo cane plantain 30 grams, 10 grams, 10 grams of corn, coix seed 3 grams, fresh couchgrass root 30 grams, Shuijianbi, in damp type.

4, massage:

Ask the patient supine, patients with a finger pushing method applied in operation of pole, Qihai, Guan Yuan, channel, every point 1 to 2 minutes, and then rubbing the abdomen in a clockwise direction for 6 minutes. Ask the patient prone, patients with a finger pushing method application in bladder Yu, Shenshu, Mingmen 1 - 2 minutes, at Sanyinjiao, yinlingquan acupoints.


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