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What are the symptoms of interstitial nephritis

2017-02-25 14:17

1, high blood pressure, is one of the symptoms of interstitial nephritis, sustained high levels of hypertension, but also may have dizziness or headache, fundus examination of the optic papilla edema, fundus hemorrhage. This situation can be maintained for several years or even decades, due to the deterioration of renal function and chronic renal failure.

2, edema, a lot of interstitial nephritis patients will appear edema, mainly to see the lower limbs. Acute attacks can also eyelid and facial edema.

3, anemia, interstitial nephritis is a symptom of the early appearance of interstitial nephritis in the early onset of edema, mild anemia. In the later stage of renal failure, the production of erythropoietin is reduced, which can lead to moderate to severe anemia.

4, abnormal urine, many patients may have symptoms of abnormal urine, urine color such as tea or water, wash the meat with foam turbid urine, nocturia in.

5, most of the patients at the onset of the process, there will be pain or backache, fatigue, loss of appetite, lusterless complexion or dull disease, prone to respiratory tract, urinary tract and other infections.

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