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What are the complications associated with lupus nephritis

2017-03-01 08:10

The main complications of lupus nephritis:

First, the general symptoms: most patients with systemic fatigue, weight loss, 90% patients with fever, part of more than 39 degrees C.

Two, lung and pleura: some patients with lupus pneumonia or pleurisy. However, the clinical common SLE infection caused by pneumonia, rather than lupus pneumonia, should be paid attention to.

Three, cardiovascular: partial pericarditis patients, is generally short and mild, a minority of patients with myocarditis performance. Approximately 1/4 of patients with Raynaud's phenomenon.

Four, gastrointestinal tract: there may be abdominal pain, may be associated with vasculitis caused by abdominal visceral lesions. The liver, splenomegaly was seen in 30%, 20% of the patients. A small number of patients with ascites.

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