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Pregnancy associated with polycystic kidney disease which is easy to confuse

2017-01-24 16:59

1 hydronephrosis had waist pain and abdominal cystic mass. However, the urography showed that there was no separation between the renal pelvis and renal pelvis, and there was no compression, elongation and thinning of the renal cortex. B-mode ultrasound showed that the renal volume was enlarged, the renal parenchyma became thinner, and the middle was a dark area.
2 simple renal cysts were unilateral. IVU examination showed that the renal shadow was enlarged, the border was hemispherical, and the renal pelvis or renal calyx had an arc. B ultrasound examination showed that the parenchyma of the renal parenchyma was clear and round. CT examination showed that the kidneys were round, thin and smooth, and the cystic lesions were not enhanced.
3 multilocular renal cysts can be hematuria, low back pain, hypertension and waist and abdominal mass, but no renal damage. B ultrasound and CT examination found confined to a single renal cystic mass, there are many intervals, the cyst is pided into a number of small rooms are not interlinked.
4 renal tumors had hematuria, low back pain and renal mass, but no chronic renal damage. The mass is more common in the unilateral kidney, and the B ultrasound and CT examination show that the edge is not clear. Renal artery angiography can be found at the edge of the tumor increased blood vessels, scattered in the mass of the speckle contrast agent aggregation.
What disease can be combined with polycystic kidney disease during pregnancy?
Polycystic kidney disease can be accompanied by other organs of polycystic lesions, such as polycystic liver, occasionally in the pancreas and ovary cysts, often associated with gastrointestinal, vascular, cardiac valve structural abnormalities.

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